Citrix unveils XenConvert 2.0 technical preview

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Citrix is working to release as much as possible in time for its Synergy conference in May.
While waiting for the beta of XenServer 5.1 (or whatever it will be called) the customers can now download the just announced XenConvert 2.0 technical preview.

XenConvert is the XenServer physical to virtual (P2V) and virtual to virtual (V2V) migration tool.

This new version will import VMware virtual machines in VMDK format and OVF packages (it doesn’t matter which virtualization product generated them). 
Citrix is a member of the DMFT so it implemented the support for the new OVF 1.0 standard as soon as possible.

As most readers know by now Citrix decided to give XenServer away for free so the P2V/V2V migration tool becomes a fundamental part of the strategy to move customers away from VMware.
It’s easy to guess that the final version of XenConvert 2.0 will be free as well and that the company will invest on this product much more in future.

Enroll for the beta here.