Teradici secures $17 million in Series C funding

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After VMware announced a technology partnership with Teradici in October 2008 to develop a new generation remote desktop protocol, the interest in the startup has grown more and more.
The climax was reached two months ago when VMware demonstrated the Teradici PCoIP during the VMworld Europe 2009 keynote.

This has possibly led to the new $17 million investment from TELUS Ventures, Alloy Ventures, GrowthWorks Capital, Skypoint Capital, BDC Venture Capital, and Alta Berkeley Venture Partners.

The second round of funding, $18 million, arrived in February 2007 from Alloy Ventures led, Working Opportunity Fund, Skypoint Capital, BDC Venture Capital and Alta Berkeley Venture Partners.

The first one, $8.3 million, arrived  in December 2004 from GrowthWorks Capital, the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), and Skypoint Capital Corporation.