VMware hires yet another Microsoft executive as Chief Development Officer

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It may be just an impression but the number of old-school executives that are populating the VMware ranks is rapidly increasing.

Everything started in August 2008 when the company board fired the founder and CEO Diane Greene and replaced her with Paul Maritz, for many years one of the most important executives in Microsoft after Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer.

After that, VMware started to hire executives that worked in Microsoft (Tod Nielsen, now employed as COO), IBM (Maurizio Carli, now employed as General Manager EMEA) and CA, (Andrew Dutton, now employed as General Manager APAC) .

Yesterday the company hired yet another Microsoft former executive: Richard McAniff.

McAniff was the Vice President for Microsoft Office and now is the new Chief Development Officer.
He takes the seat of Richard Sarwal, the former Executive Vice President of R&D, that went back to Oracle after just one year at VMware.