Release: Hyper9 1.0

hyper9 logo

After over one year of development, started after the company changed its identity from InovaWave to Hyper9, the first product of this reborn startup is ready.

The actual name of this solution is unclear. In one of the previous news from the company it seemed to be called VI Search and Analytics, but now the entire marketing literature just reports Hyper9 everywhere.

Whatever the product is called, it is a search engine that integrates with vCenter and indexes the information stored inside the VMware Infrastructure inventory.
Once the index is build, Hyper9 allows to find any detail about your virtual infrastructure (VMs, virtual networks, data stores, applications inside the Guest OSes, etc.) through a search engine interface that is much more similar to Splunk than to Google.

Once the administrator receives the Splunk-like results he can save his query, share it with other co-workers or further filter the obtained data by comparing the results with the ones received a previous day, or the ones coming from a completely different query.


The price of this solution starts at $300 per ESX host / year.