Is the StackSafe management leaving en masse?

stacksafe logo

In January 2008 a new startup entered the Virtual Lab Automation market segment: StackSafe (see coverage here).

The company was founded in 2005 with the former name of Revive Systems. It took three years to develop and launch a Xen-based solution to compete against VMware, Surgient, VMLogix and the other VLA companies that arrived later (like Skytap).

A little more than a year ago StackSafe showed a solid leadership team with a strong background on security, as some of the executives were coming from Symantec and Counter Pane.
Now the Board of Directors page only lists the CEO, Loren Burnett, along with the startup funders: Roger Novak, of Novak Biddle Venture Partners and Matthew McCooe, of Chart Venture Partners.

In over twelve months (or over four years, depending on they way you count) the company didn’t impress much for its activity and the virtualization community is barely aware of its Test Center product.
Maybe the funders are looking for a leadership replacement?

Update: It seems that StackSafe planned to raise a Series B funding of $10 Million in 2008 (half of them would be provided by the current investors) but couldn’t succeed.
This may imply that the company is simply running out of money.