Benchmarks: VMware ESX 3.5 Update 3 supports almost 70,000 concurrent ecommerce transactions

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In the endless war for the best performance, VMware releases today a new, interesting analysis.

The company run the SPECweb2005 benchmark on a single HP ProLiant DL 585 G5 system with 16 cores and ESX 3.5 Update 3.

The industry standard platform simulates three typical workloads:

  • a number of customers accessing accounts at a given time via HTTPS
  • a number of customers accessing an e-commerce retail store via HTTP and HTTPS
  • a number of users acquiring patches and downloads from a support website via HTTP

In the first scenario ESX 3.5 could support as much as 80,000 concurrent accesses (equal to 143,000 HTTP operations per second), in the second one almost 70,000 and in the last one 33,000.

The aggregated and normalized metric is equal 44,000, which is the highest score ever recorded with a 16 cores system.