Virtualization Congress 2009 US: We have the first submission for the Call for Startups

One of the missions of is to report about new vendors entering the virtualization market with valuable, innovative products.

We believe so much that promoting the virtualization startups is the right thing to do that we decided to use the Virtualization Congress 2009, to do so.

Less than one month ago we launched a contest, calling for all the early-stage companies that want to launch for the first time at our conference in Las Vegas in May.
Six of them will be selected to present their brands and products on stage (for free) and one of them will get a year of advertising on (for free).

Today we are happy to announce that we have the first submission.
Of course we’ll not unveil the name of the submitting companies, but in April we’ll announce those selected to present on stage.

Some of the leading architects in the virtualization community will be at the Virtualization Congress to speak.
Some of these guys, along with many potential customers and partners (and buyers), will attend the Call for Startups general session, so this will be a great exposure opportunity.

Remember: for the Virtualization Congress 2009 US we accept submissions up to March 31, and we’ll select just six startups. So be sure to apply as soon as possible.