Benchmarks: Citrix XenDesktop 2.1 Scalability Analysis

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The last week discussion about XenServer vs ESX (vs Hyper-V) for VDI scenarios, ignited by Ruben Spruijt / Jeroen van de Kamp and followed up by VMware, is still hot.
So maybe it’s worth to further discuss the topic by highlighting a recent paper published by Citrix: XenDesktop 2.1 Scalability Analysis.

The first part of the 29-pages document describes how a Citrix XenDesktop infrastructure (including XenServer, XenApp, the Desktop Delivery Controller connection broker) was tested against Provisioning Server for Desktops (to deliver new virtual desktops) and EdgeSight (to simulate application workloads) to measure its scaling capability.

The analysis was summarized in the following XenDesktop Environment Sizing Guide:XenDesktopSizingGuide