Cisco Nexus 1000V will arrive in H1 2009 (possibly with ESX 4)

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One of the biggest enhancements expected with the next version of VMware Infrastructure (possibly called vSphere 4.0) is the new pluggable virtual infrastructure, which will allow customers to replace the standard VMNet virtual switch with 3rd party software switches.

The first company to offer such product will be Cisco, which announced the Nexus 1000V at VMworld 2008 last September.

After seeing the virtual switch command line for in action and its architectural diagram, we now have extensive details about its features, thanks to an exclusive interview with Paul Fazzone, Product Manager of Nexus 1000V at Cisco.

Fazzone also provided a key information about the release date of the virtual switch: H1 2009.
This date makes very likely that both ESX 4 and Nexus 1000V will be released at the imminent VMworld Europe 2009 in Cannes.

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