Virtual Computer secures $15 million in Series B funding

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The just announced partnership between Citrix and Intel certainly raised some serious concerns among the many virtualization companies that are developing a client hypervisor.
At least one of the them may be safe anyway: Virtual Computer.

The startup founded by Alex Vasilevski, the founder and CTO of Virtual Iron, launched in September 2008 and its product NxTop, currently in private beta, is really overlapping the Citrix plans to deliver an end-to-end VDI solution.

Despite that, today the company announces Citrix, along with Highland Capital Partners and Flybridge Capital Partners, granted a second round of funding for as much as $15 million.

It’s a bold move, considering the investment that Citrix already has in place with Intel, and it may imply a future acquisition.

The news also highlights how active Citrix is becoming in the virtualization market, investing in a number of startups (just ten days ago the company invested in Open Kernel Labs) that may provide innovative products in the next few years.