Virtualization Industry Survey 2008: The results – Part 1

Today can finally publish the results of our Virtualization Industry Survey 2008 about hardware virtualization adoption.

The survey was open at the end of October just for our Vanguards members, then extended to all our readers.
In a little more than one month 1050 responses were collected and, as promised, we are publishing today the surprising results:

Q1 – What is the size of your company?


Q2 – Where your company is located?


Q3 – What is your job title? 


Q4 – Where hardware virtualization is being adopted in your company? (multiple choice)



Q5 – What is the current adoption level of hardware virtualization in your company?


Q6 – What hardware virtualization platform do you implement? (multiple choice)?


Q7 – How many virtual machines do you have deployed at the moment?


Q8 – Which tasks are you employing virtualization for? (multiple choice)


Q9 – What is the biggest challenge in your virtualization projects?


Q10 – Which is the biggest obstacle you found so far in adopting virtualization?


Of course this is just the report of the raw data. The numbers we collected can analyzed in many ways so we’ll publish a second article about this survey trying to extrapolate the most interesting facts, like how many companies use VMware ESX and Hyper-V at the same time, or what kind of challenges are facing the customers managing more than 1000 virtual machines.


Update: Part 2 of this post is now available here.