Quest releases PowerGUI PowerPack 2.0 for VMware

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The release of the VMware VI Toolkit for Windows at the end of July opened a world of possibilities for those Windows administrators that love scripting and love the new Microsoft PowerShell scripting language.

Quest, a leader in the Windows management space, was already in pole position to rule the community around this new language thanks to its free IDE: PowerGUI.
On top of that the company released a special PowerPack to show how PowerShell can be used to completely manage the VMware Infrastructure.

This week Quest releases the second version of this PowerPack, introducing several interesting features:

  • Easy management of multiple VMware Virtual Center, ESX, ESXi or Virtual Server hosts from within one console
  • Single sign-on to multiple hosts that use the same credentials
  • Support for browsing through any of the inventory hierarchical views that are available in Virtual Center
  • Management of virtualization elements within one host or across many hosts through the same set of links and actions
  • Reporting and management of sessions, datacenters, clusters, resource pools, hosts, folders, virtual machines, templates, snapshots, networks, datastores, files, tasks and log files