Symantec immediately changes its mind about VMware support

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Just five days ago Symantec went under fire for its supporting policy about VMware VMotion.

Basically the company refused to support two of its core products in a VMware environment where VMotion was used because some of its customers reported several kind of problems.

Thanks to the power of the blogosphere, to the massive negative PR, or more likely to the powerful influence that VMware can exercise, Symantec immediately changed the offending knowledge base article, taking the responsibility of any odd behavior for its products after a VMotion:

At this time running the Symantec Endpoint Manager (SEPM) is considered an alternative configuration and will be handled with “Best Effort Support”.

Customers have reported problems with Symantec AntiVirus Server and Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager with VMware VMotion ESX server. These problems may or may not be related to the presence of VMware VMotion or the presence of the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager.

Symantec is investigating each support case and will update Symantec products where necessary.