Reflex Security changes go-to-market strategy and name

reflex logo

Reflex Security can be considered the first (or one of the first) company that tried to sell security for virtual infrastructures.
They started in March 2006 with a product called Virtual Security Appliance (VSA), which is a firewall and intrusion prevention system (IPS) supporting VMware and Citrix platforms.

VSA, pretty much like every other competing product in the same segment, has limited capabilities.
Maybe because of this, maybe because VMware just acquired another company in this space called Blue Lane Technologies, maybe because the company simply found out a more profitable source of revenue, Reflex Security has decided to change its go-to-market strategy and even its name.

So Reflex Security now becomes Reflex Systems while the flagship product becomes Virtualization Management Center (VMC), a console that supports the three main hypervisors (ESX, XenServer and Hyper-V) and offers configuration monitoring features.

Until VMware releases its VMsafe APIs the configuration control market may give Reflex Systems much more opportunities than the security one, even if in this space the company will find valuable competitors like ManageIQ.

Reflex Systems has been included in the Virtualization Industry Radar.