ToutVirtual extends VirtualIQ support to Hyper-V

toutvirtual logo

ToutVirtual is a US virtualization startup emerged from the stealth mode in early 2006.
Since that time few progresses were made to become a relevant player. The last news from the company is more than one year old, when the company renamed/revamped its product portfolio.

Finally ToutVirtual is back, announcing that its flagship product, VirtualIQ Pro, now supports Microsoft Hyper-V.

VirtualIQ Pro is a monitoring and reporting tool offered as virtual appliance for several hypervisors (ESX, XenServer, SUSE Enterprise Linux with Xen and now Hyper-V).

This segment is becoming crowded and while most players are still fully focused on supporting VMware, there’s an evident shift in interest. 
ToutVirtual will have to show something very special to survive the competition (and the current economical crisis).