VMware reports 32% profit increase for Q3 2008, Asia is the new target

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Yesterday VMware announced its Q3 2008 earnings, the first report presented by the new CEO Paul Maritz.

During the last quarter the company scored $472 million revenue equal to an increase of 32% from the previous year.
The aggregated revenue of these three quarters of 2008 is 50% more than the same period of 2007.

In details:

  • the license revenue is equal to $285 million (15% increase from last year)
  • the services revenue is equal to $187 million (70% increase from last year), divided in software maintenance ($147 million with 70% increase) and professional services ($40 million with 69% increase)

The United States are still the largest virtualization adopter ($249 million, equal to 53% of total) but non-US countries are bringing a revenue increase of 42% ($224 million).
During the call VMware specifically mentioned Japan and Korea as the top countries for international opportunity (virtualization.info JP growth seem to confirm this).

Despite the complex economy situation VMware forecasts a revenue growth between 42% and 45% for the last quarter.

During the call Maritz said at least three very interesting things:

  • Microsoft couldn’t catch up for another 1-2 years 
  • VMware currently has 2,500 people at their R&D department
  • VMware sees Asia as a key place where to grow its business in the near term (this may mean a VMworld APAC next year)

Thanks to Seeking Alpha for the entire call transcript.