VMware launches a portal for academics, free papers and courseware for all

VMware just launched its nth online portal to spread the knowledge about virtualization before its competitor can do.
The target this time is the academic world.

Called GoVirtual.org, the site is a phenomenal source of information, collecting several technical papers (no marketing brochures as far as we can see), listing academic conferences, hosting blogs and discussions but, most of all, offering free of charge courseware.

At the launch time there are 25 free courses available, going from the basic virtualization syllabus to the I/O architectures for virtual machines.

It seems that VMware plans to keep updated all these resources as each download sports a version counter. Also, it seems that any member of the site can upload new contents.

With this brilliant move VMware keeps engaged the academic world, scouting for the best new ideas (and persons) coming from the universities before any venture capitalist can lock them into a million dollar deal.

Definitively a great resource for all.