5th birthday: two free tickets for the Virtualization Congress 2008 to celebrate

Today hits its 5th anniversary and would like to celebrate in a special way.
Before that anyway, we are proud to highlight how nice the website is growing.

At the moment scores:

  • between 6,500 and 18,000 page views / day
  • more than 8,000 news feed subscribers / day (over 2,000 of them read our daily newsletter)
  • a readership that includes at least 20% of the Fortune 100 and at least 10% of the Fortune 500
  • over 50,000 inbound links (as Google stats reports) from all over the Internet
  • a healthy 50% growth year over year
  • a position in the top 10 results for the keyword virtualization in Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Live search engines (and without using any SEO unfair trick)
  • 20 virtualization vendors that sponsored the site over the last two years
  • a just-born Japanese translation with over 1,000 page views / day and almost 500 news feed subscribers / day

We don’t celebrate alone: over 1,700 virtualization professionals joined our LinkedIn network: the Vanguards community.

Note that I use “we” instead of “I” because over the years morphed from a single-man website maintained by Alessandro Perilli to an articulated project that a (small) team of very passionate and talented people keeps alive. 
We have a superb web designer, a great partner and coordinator for the Rent-A-Lab facility, an irreplaceable event manager and her staff for our upcoming Virtualization Congress, and a number of collaborators for other projects that we’ll launch before within this year and the next one.

Of course we want to grow up even more: for the first time is looking for one editor and/or one columnist. If you are interested let us know.

And now the juicy part.
As you know we are arranging our own independent conference in London, the Virtualization Congress 2008, gathering together some top-notch speakers, most popular European influencers, virtualization leaders, brilliant startups and successful venture capitalists at the ExCeL Conference Centre for Oct. 14-16.

The first two readers leaving a comment will win a free ticket each to attend the event (be sure to specify your email address).

Thanks for your support so far and happy birthday!