VMware launches VI Ops portal

A well-known problem with virtualization is that it turns upside-down the business practices.
The companies may have a hard time finding a solid operational framework for their new virtual infrastructures.

In the attempt to put order in chaos, VMware released a new portal for its user base: VI:OPS.

Discovered by virtualization.info in March 2007 (and mistakenly recognized as a new product), it seems that the online resource is finally ready for prime time.

At the moment VI:Ops seems a document repository maintained by VMware and divided into five main areas: strategy, applications, security, management and availability.
For each topic there’s a forum where users, 3rd party vendors and VMware itself can request new best practices or advice.

The site has much potential but without a strict moderation and real authorities posting valuable answers it risks to become a place where vendors are free to advertise their services.