Surgient changes its focus with Virtual Automation Platform 6.0

Surgient, one of the first startups in the Virtual Lab Automation segment, announced the new version of its platform, which will feature a new name and a new licensing model.

Once known as Virtual Q&A Management System (VQMS), the product is now called Virtual Automation Platform.
This name change immediately clarifies where Surgient is going: the recently won new patents reveal that the company is working to bring its virtual data center automation technology outside the small realm of virtual labs.

The new product in fact now features a policy-driven self-service portal that can be used for any kind of virtual machine provisioning.
VAP 6.0 also introduces support for physical provisioning meaning that Surgient aims at controlling all aspects of the data center.

Three important technologies will be supported by the new product: Microsoft Hyper-V 1.0, Microsoft Active Directory and IBM Rational BuildForge.

As known since a couple of weeks already, Surgient is also extending its licensing strategy, adding to its hosting model a more traditional onsite installation model. The price starts at $25,000.

Surgient VAP 6.0 will be available on Sep. 30.

The Virtualization Industry Roadmap has been updated accordingly.