VMware loses R&D Executive Vice President

After losing its co-founder and CEO, Diane Greene, in July, VMware suffers another important loss: the Executive Vice President of R&D, Richard Sarwal.

Sarwal was recruited by Green and spent only nine months at VMware.

He goes back to Oracle, where he worked for 18 years. His former employer should be more than glad to have him back considering the company effort in developing a competitive hypervisor: Oracle VM.

Stephen Herrod, Ph.D, CTO and Senior Vice President of R&D, will replace Sarwal.

The attention anyway is still much focused on Mendel Rosenblum, Chief Architect at VMware and husband of Diane Green.
Outside the company, he’s generally recognized as the company visionary and his departure could be a nasty event for VMware.

A couple of weeks after the sack of Diane Greene, virtualization.info inquired VMware and was granted that Rosenblum was still working for the company.