Mark Russinovich to speak at the Virtualization Congress 2008, showing unreleased Microsoft products

In the past few weeks we introduced a number of top-notch speakers that will give their keynotes at the Virtualization Congress 2008, the independent conference that will hold in London, October 14-16.  

All of them are well-known protagonists in the virtualization industry and really don’t need any introduction. Except one: Mark Russinovich, Technical Fellow at Microsoft.

For those ones that don’t know him, Mark is a legendary figure in the IT world because of his previous companies: Sysinternals and Winternals (both links now redirect to Microsoft TechNet).

While working there, Mark did so much reverse engineering of the Windows kernel that he ended up knowing it as much as the Microsoft architects. And this is the reason why Microsoft acquired his assets two years ago and hired him as a Technical Fellow.

The tools that he developed during the last ten years became fundamentals for generations of IT professionals in understanding the Windows behavior, and are still unrivaled at today.

Now what does Mark have to do with Microsoft virtualization?

As Technical Fellow, Mark is deeply involved in the development of the Windows kernel (Windows 7 and beyond), taking care that its architecture is fully virtualization-aware.
If there’s one that can have a discussion about virtual resources hot-plug, memory overcommit, performance comparison against VMware ESX and other virtualization hardcore topics, Mark is that one (this recent interview is a clear example).

Best of all, if you check his keynote abstract you’ll discover that Mark will preview some unannounced products at the Virtualization Congress, giving a glimpse of the Microsoft effort in the space.

Here’s Mark introducing his own keynote:

The Virtualization Congress 2008 is next month, October 14-16 at the London ExCeL Conference Centre.

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