New startup integrates PowerShell in VMware VirtualCenter Client

Today a new European startup leaves the stealth mode: Icomasoft.

The company is based in Switzerland and managed by the CEO Diego Boscardin, coming from Veritas and EMC where he was CEO and General Manager for Switzerland.
Along with him there’s a well-known name in the virtualization market, Dennis Zimmer, working as CTO. Dennis comes from the storage vendor Pillar Data Systems and is the founder of the German community at

Leveraging the recent VMware PowerShell Tookit, Icomasoft announces today its first product: VI PowerScripter.

This is a plug-in for VMware VirtualCenter Client 2.5 able to run a Microsoft PowerShell script against any guest OS or against ESX 3.5 / ESXi hosts.


The company just launched the beta program and the users can apply for PowerScripter beta 1 here.

As the product can be used to perform any kind of task, to demonstrate its capabilities Icomasoft will provide a number of sample scripts in the final version of the product:

  • Check Cluster Settings
  • Rescan All HBAs Host or Cluster
  • Update VMware Tools
  • Config Export of Host or VM
  • Mass provisioning of VMs
  • Mass configuration VM
  • Disconnect all removable Medias
  • Evacuate host for Maintenance
  • Create resource graphs

Icomasoft has been included in the Virtualization Industry Radar.