Quest/Provision Networks on stage at the Virtualization Congress 2008

As you may know by now, we asked our keynote speakers to introduce themselves and talk a bit about their sessions at the Virtualization Congress 2008, the independent conference about virtualization technologies arranged by

In the past months we had the pleasure to host Simon Crosby, CTO of Virtualization and Management Division at Citrix, and Scott Farrand, Vice President of Business Enablement at HP.

Today we’d like to introduce another key figure of the virtualization industry that will be on our stage: Paul Ghostine, General Manager and Vice President of Provision Networks, a subsidiary of Quest.

Along with Simon Crosby, Scott Farrand and Paul Ghostine there will be a number of other top performers (and this is just a partial list: stay tuned as we may have some big surprises).

This amazing set of speakers will provide different perspectives, approaches and solutions to the many challenges that virtualization implies.
Most of the agenda is finally online so you check what will be discussed on stage.

We can’t wait to see you all at the London ExCeL this October 14-16, 2008.
The Virtualization Congress is just two months away, sign up now!