Release: Oracle VM 2.1

In November 2007 Oracle surprisingly announced its own virtual infrastructure: Oracle VM.

The virtualization offer is comprised of two components: the hypervisor, Oracle VM Server (based on Xen) and the management console, Oracle VM Manager.

The product comes free of charge (customers can to buy optional support) and even counts on a free of charge VDI solution offered by Ericom.

While database giant is not a recognized virtualization player (and it’s unlikely it would ever be), the hypervisor provoked an earthquake at VMware because of the new policy that locks-in all the customers that want an official support for their virtualized Oracle products.

In these months Oracle silently updated the product that reached version 2.1.1 in March 2008.

The Release Notes don’t highlight any major feature inclusion.

Download it here.

The Virtualization Industry Roadmap has been updated accordingly.