Hyper-V starts spreading in the blogosphere

The long awaited Microsoft hypervisor was released less than one month ago and the impact on the market that it generated (and will generate over the long term) is immediately recognizable by the many reactions at different levels of the ecosystem.

Unlike Virtual Server, the product raised the attention of the customers and even if Microsoft cannot match yet the level of interest generated by VMware ESX, the activity around Hyper-V is growing in a healthy way (source: Google Trends):


Obviously, the blogosphere coverage of the new hypervisor is increasing as well, with new blogs launched every day.

The popular website about Microsoft technologies, Bink.nu, for example just launched a new independent project totally dedicated to Hyper-V: HyperVoria.com

And Microsoft didn’t even unleash its marketing machine.
The company planned to start a 6-months series of events across the world, starting September 8, 2008.

Virtual Server 2005 didn’t receive anything similar in terms of investment, giving VMware the opportunity to catalyze the customers’ attention as the only real player on the scene.
It’s evident that Microsoft doesn’t want to repeat the same error with Hyper-V.