Fortisphere to support VMware VMsafe

In February VMware announced an upcoming set of security APIs called VMsafe.
This new interface has the potential to dramatically change the way the IT infrastructures are secured by offering a new point of detection (and prevention) for any vendor offering anti-virus, firewalls, IDS, endpoint security solutions, etc.

So it doesn’t surprise that a large number of well-know security firms confirmed their involvement in the project even if VMsafe is not yet available.

What may surprise more is that a company like Fortisphere, more focused on the management of large-scale virtual infrastructures and the VM lifecycle management, is announcing its support as well.

The strong focus of Fortisphere on security was clear even before this announcement as the company joined the RSA Secured Partner Program and the Payment Card Industry Security Vendor Alliance.

It must be seen what’s the strategy that the company will pursue with all this effort in the security area.