Virtualization Congress 2008 Call for Startup ends in 60 days

As you may know, this year hosts its first international conference.
The event is held in London, one month after the VMworld US (in Las Vegas): 14-16 October, 2008.


Covering the virtualization market evolution since 2003, we have a pretty good idea of how fast the industry is changing.
Our Virtualization Industry Radar currently tracks almost 70 companies, with almost 90 products:

What company has the time to explore, evaluate and test all these solutions?

Each month a new startup emerges from the shadows of R&D.
Some of them really deserve to be considered but don’t have the financial muscles to emerge from the crowd and reach all the customers that may need them.

For this reason we arranged a contest called Call for Startups: is happy to grant the keynote stage to a couple of new virtualization firms which accept to launch during the Virtualization Congress.

These startups will have the attention from the media (which includes an extensive coverage on, the analysts, the venture capital world (the event is supported by Sierra Ventures), and obviously from the audience.

The audience will have an opportunity to see the latest cutting edge technologies from the industry without having to dive into tons (and sometimes meaningless) of press announcements , and without having to invest in a lab environment just to understand how the new product works.

We have already had several submissions in these past few months and it’s hard to decide which one is the most interesting. We are pretty sure that the Virtualization Congress will reserve some surprises.

The clock is ticking: we accept new submissions for just another 60 days: until 31 August, 2008.

Enroll for the contest here: