VMware signs OEM agreement with Inspur

It’s more than clear that the biggest virtualization vendors are moving the competition on the APAC battleground, and that China is one of the most wanted territory.

Unsatisfied by the OEM agreement with Lenovo (maybe because it’s a non-exclusive deal), VMware announces a second partnership, this time with Inspur.

Inspur is one of the largest hardware provider in China, selling desktop, servers, tax controlling machines and related software (like finance and ERP applications).

The company has international joint ventures with Casio, Ericsson and LG and business partnerships with EDS, NEC, NTT and others.

Where are VMware competitors? Citrix is already there with Lenovo as well while Microsoft is currently using Novell to push its new Hyper-V.

The presence of the these three companies is definitively expected to expand over the next months.