Release: VMware Stage Manager 1.0

With a huge delay reports the official release of the new VMware product Stage Manager 1.0 (build 1561).

The product was launched on May 30, with ten days delay on the announced date.

As detailed in previous posts, Stage Manager (VSM) adopts the same logic used in VMware Lab Manager (VLM) but for a different purpose (and in fact some VSM beta testers recognized the same underlying engine and the same agents in both applications).

The product offers the capability to control and authorize the virtual machine lifecycle in all the stages between the testing and the production.


In some ways VSM is the extension of VLM, and it’s not clear why VMware didn’t make a single product with two different modules rather than creating and maintaining two separate code branches.

VSM 1.0 integrates with VMware VirtualCenter and requires at least two ESX hosts and some shared storage to offer most of the features already found on VLM, like:

  • Deployment of multi-VMs configurations
  • Availability of a VM templates library
  • Support for overlapping network configurations (fenced networking)
  • Web management console


Download a trial here.

The Virtualization Industry Roadmap has been updated accordingly.