Leostream drops P > V Direct

The recent round of funding may have had serious implications for Leostream which seems working to start from scratch.

For the second time in its history the company dropped a product from its portfolio.

The first one, once flagship product, was called Virtual Machine Controller (VMC): a cross-platform management supporting VMware and Microsoft virtualization platforms, shipped as virtual appliance.
Leostream dropped VMC somewhere at the end of 2006, after more than five years of development.

The second casualty is P > V Direct, a physical-to-virtual (P2V) migration tool that Leostream develops since more than four years and just disappeared from the company website these days.

The download page of the official website hints at an even worse scenario for customers, implying a possible drop of the last surviving product:

Note: We are currently re-evaluating our product line. Connection Broker trials are still available, but P2V trials have been withdrawn. We thank you for your patience during this transition.

The Leostream connection broker had a strange evolution so far, jumping from version 1.0 (released in August 2006) to version 5.0 in just one year and without interim version. 
Additionally, the VDI space is the most crowded at today, with at least ten different players, including the big ones VMware and Citrix.

A new change of focus for the company wouldn’t surprise too much in these conditions.