VMware releases Workstation 6.5 beta refresh

Last week VMware published a beta refresh jumping from the build 84113 (labeled Beta 1) to the build 91182 (not labeled Beta 2).

The new code adds a couple of important enhancements to the beta 1 features:

  • Unity (the VMware seamless window technology) is now supported for Linux guest OSes too
  • The Guest OS unattended installation is now supported for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Mandriva and Ubuntu

But much more than that the beta testers will be happy to know that this build re-introduces the unofficial support for VMware ESX as a guest OS.

Most VMware customers know that ESX can be run inside a Workstation VM if some conditions are satisfied. For some reasons this hidden capability was removed in Workstation 6.5 beta 1.

Now the new code allows the hack again, despite it requires a slightly different configuration.

Enroll for the beta program here.