DynamicOps leaves the stealth mode and enters the VM lifecycle management market

A new startup prepares to enter the virtualization market: DynamicOps.

The company, which didn’t publish a formal announcement yet, was founded in US in early 2008 as spinout of Credit Suisse. 
Its founder and CTO, Leslie Muller, comes from Credit Suisse while its CEO and VP of Marketing, Rich Krueger and Rich Bourdeau, come from Incipient, a very interesting company in what is tentatively called storage virtualization market.
Last but not least the DynamicOps VP of Field Operations comes from XenSource.

DynamicOps will face a tough competition give the high number of startups that recently entered the same market: Embotics, Fortisphere, ManageIQ and even VMware.

Like the others mentioned above it’s clear that the company is developing a cross-platform solution, Virtual Resource Manager (VRM), given the technology partnership with Citrix, Microsoft, Sun and VMware.

And like the others mentioned above the DynamicOps product will offer some mandatory features in this category: a provisioning engine based on a virtual machines library, a web-based self-service portal for end-users, a lifecycle policy engine to control how and where new virtual machines are deployed, a prolific reporting engine, etc.

Additionally, VRM has some interesting new capabilities: a command line console, support for network load balancing, an extensible workflow engine (each corporate department can define and customize its own part of the overall deploying process or 3rd party solutions can define a part to it).


It’s worth to note that DynamicOps is the first VM lifecycle management company that invades the virtual lab automation space, specifically mentioning the solution in its website.
In both scenarios the engine is similar: it has to take care of how a single VM or a group of them is deployed on the available virtualization hosts, how the physical resources are assigned to the VMs, which users are authorized to access the VMs and how the VMs are decommissioned after use.

Thus was definitively expected that sooner or later virtual lab automation companies like Surgient or VMLogix would extend their focus over time to become lifecycle management vendors, or that lifecycle management vendors like DynamicOps would try to sell their products for virtual lab automation tasks.

At the moment virtualization.info has no informations on when the company will formally launch and release its product.

The virtualization.info Virtualization Industry Radar has been updated accordingly.