Ericom brings VDI to Oracle VM, for free

After InMage, Ericon is the second company announcing its support for the Oracle controverse hypervisor released in November 2007.

So PowerTerm WebConnect becomes the first VDI solution for Oracle VM, filling an empty niche market while the VDI crowd competes around VMware ESX, Citrix XenServer and the upcoming Microsoft Hyper-V.

Ericom published a 3 minutes demo of the product here.

The price of this version is unclear: the websites uses the word free instead of free trial everywhere.
Download it here and please report back if there are feature limitations or timebombs.

Update: Ericom contacted and confirmed that PowerTerm WebConnect is 100% free up to 500 concurrent users.
Considering that also Oracle VM comes for free, Ericom has just launched the first free of charge VDI solution on the market.