Vanguards network surpasses 1000 members

November 1st, 2007 launched a social network facility for virtualization professionals called Vanguards.
Through the phenomenal business tool LinkedIn, the Vanguards members can see each other business profile and keep in touch more easily for a wide range of purposes: sharing best practices, giving or receiving feedbacks about products and implementations, build project teams, plan business trips, etc.

The community had an overwhelming success and in just 6 months reached over 1000 members.

So far we left our Vanguards free to connect alone, without messaging them in any way, but we feel that it’s time to celebrate this milestone.
In the coming weeks will contact its members to offer the first, special reward for being such loyal and passionate professionals. Stay tuned!

P.s.: Like many good things the Vanguards community started a trend and now LinkedIn is full of tens of social groups for virtualization professionals (including official and unofficial versions of the same group).
Since each member sees others email addresses, somebody thought that it’s a good idea to join the Vanguards network and other groups abov just to harvest new accounts. This includes head hunters, sales managers, marketing managers, PR and some others.

We’d like to clarify once again that the Vanguards is for technical virtualization professionals only (system architects, engineers, researchers, developers, etc.) with some real experience on virtualization technologies.

This is why we had to decline the join request from over 150 persons!

If any current or future member is bothered by others in this community with unsolicited messages is welcome to report the issue.
We work hard to strictly maintain this network a place where to find technical peers.