Quest is the first VDI provider for Microsoft Hyper-V with VAS 5.10

Quest, through its subsidiary Provision Networks (acquired in November 2007) is the first company providing a VDI solution for the upcoming Microsoft hypervisor Hyper-V.

Microsoft is the only big vendor that didn’t shop or developed on its own a connection broker for its hypervisor: VMware acquired Propero, Citrix developed Desktop Server (which now is part of the upcoming XenDesktop), Sun developed Sun VDI (despite it’s surprisingly supporting VMware ESX only), Qumranet developed Solid ICE.
Therefore Quest/Provision Networks speed in supporting Hyper-V will provide the company a notable competitive advantage.

The just released Virtual Access Suite (VAS) 5.10 works with today’s Release Candidate 0 of Hyper-V and will further integrate with the announced System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) 2008 as soon as it will be available.

Download a trial here.

The Virtualization Industry Roadmap has been updated accordingly.