Virtualization Congress 2008 Early Bird ends in 1 week: Register now!

October 14-16, 2008, in London, will open its first conference about virtualization technologies: the Virtualization Congress 2008.
The Early Bird (£ 200 discount) will end April 30, and before that time we wanted to give our readers an insightful update about the progresses made so far.

Well, the support we are getting from the industry is simply impressive.

Since day one we were able to announce that the biggest market players, VMware, Citrix and Microsoft, are with us as Platinum sponsors.
With them other emerging stars supported the Virtualization Congress since the beginning: Quest, ManageIQ, Marathon Technologies, Veeam and VMLogix.

In less than two months since that day, we received a remarkable number of inquiries and we are glad to announce another round of great sponsors: HP, Phoenix Technologies, Vizioncore, Transitive, eG Innovations, IGEL Technology, Metron.

Unfortunately we cannot disclose the names of many others since they are signing in these hours but check back the Sponsors list to see who else is coming.

Obviously we don’t have only top sponsors. A great conference is made by great speakers.

The agenda is still secret, but we can reveal the first three names:

  • Simon Crosby, CTO of Virtualization and Management Division at Citrix (see his introductory video)
  • Dr. Guarav Banga, Senior Vice President of Engineering and CTO at Phoenix Technologies
  • Jerald H. Melnick, CTO at Marathon Technologies

Other top-level technical speakers are coming, along with some exceptional guest stars. We have new announcements in queue.

Another factor that makes a conference a better happening is the surprise element: our Call for Startups competition received several applications from stealth companies and we should be able to show something completely new on stage this October.

Hopefully this is a good start to make the Virtualzation Congress a great event to attend, but just in case we have much more coming. Stay tuned!

The Early Bird (£ 200 discount) ends in one week! Register now!