The new Linux kernel 2.6.25 introduces virtualization-friendly memory management

The latest version of Linux kernel, 2.6.25, introduces some enhancements in the memory management specifically addressing virtualization platform needs, as Linux Kernel Newbies is reporting:

The memory resource controller isolates the memory behavior of a group of tasks -cgroup- from the rest of the system. It can be used to:

  • Isolate an application or a group of applications. Memory hungry applications can be isolated and limited to a smaller amount of memory.
  • Create a cgroup with limited amount of memory, this can be used as a good alternative to booting with mem=XXXX.
  • Virtualization solutions can control the amount of memory they want to assign to a virtual machine instance.
  • A CD/DVD burner could control the amount of memory used by the rest of the system to ensure that burning does not fail due to lack of available memory.

The new Memory Resource Controller can impact the behaviour of hardware virtualization and OS virtualization platforms, as OpenVZ development team confirms with additional insights.