Veeam releases FastSCP 2.0 refresh build with new features

To celebrate over 30,000 downloads for its free GUI management solution for VMware ESX, FastSCP, Veeam is releasing a new version today.

This update brings in some interesting features:

  • Disk space pre-allocation for vmdk files
    when copying virtual machines, FastSCP will preallocate space for vmdk files to prevent fragmentation.
  • Ability to edit file attributes
    FastSCP shows the properties for a file or folder, allowing users to set owner, group and permissions (the most common CHMOD commands) in a Windows GUI.
  • Scheduled copying
    set file copies to occur at regular intervals or during off-peak hours.
  • Support for Linux systems
    now users can manage all files in mixed Windows/Linux enterprises.

Download it free of charge here.