Gartner adjusts its forecast about virtualization ubiquity: 2012 instead of 2015

In May 2007 Gartner was predicting that the total numer of deployed virtual machines would reach 3 million by 2009, and that virtualization would be part of nearly every aspect of IT by 2015.

The popular analysis firm seems to think that virtualization adoption is accelerating more than expected and it’s adjusting its forecasts accordingly.

In details Gartner now expects 4 million VMs by 2009, 611 million virtualized PCs by 2011 and the IT infrastructure and operations deeply impacted by virtualization by 2012.

It’s not exactly clear what Gartner means by deployed VMs (we’d assume deployed in production) or virtualized PCs (installing virtualization products for different purposes?) but it’s evident that the firm drastically changed its mind in the last 12 months.

The Virtualization Industry Predictions has been updated accordingly.