Parallels acquires ModernGigabyte

Despite the drop of SWsoft brand, Parallels focus on the OS virtualization technology (and the hosting market where it’s the most successfully) is still very strong.

The Register reports that the company acquired ModernGigabyte in January 2008.

ModernGigabyte produces ModernBill, an automated billing system for hosting providers that Parallels will integrate into its Plesk Control Panel.

This is only the last acquisition that Parallels completes in the hosting space. Before ModernGigabyte the company also acquired Sphera, Ensim and PSOFT, in September 2007, as well as WebHost Automation, in December 2007.

No acquisitions instead in the server virtualization market where much heavier investments will be required to win the competition, and where the company should enter soon with its first hypervisor: Parallels Server.

Some rumors also say that Parallels may launch its IPO this year.