BinaryKarma opens FluidVM beta program

BinaryKarma is an Indian startup focused on the virtualization management market segment.

The company just opened the beta of their first product, FluidVM, which has some interesting features.

Besides managing hypervisors (only Xen at the moment) it also supports OS containers (only OpenVZ at the moment) providing a unified web interface to control both technologies.

On top of that FluidVM already comes with support for virtual machines live migration, virtual machines automatic redistribution among physical hosts, iSCSI SANs and more.

Download the beta here.

By providing management for hardware virtualization and OS virtualization at the same time anyway, BinaryKarma is playing a game where two big vendors may arrive soon: Parallels (formerly SWsoft), which owns Virtuozzo Containers (and its open source version OpenVZ) and the upcoming hypervisor Parallels Server, and Sun, which owns Solaris Containers and the upcoming hypervisor xVM Server.

Both companies anyway will probably offer a combined management which locks-in customers to their portfolios, while FluidVM may just extend its support to more virtualization platforms to have an appealing selling point.

It’s not a case that BinaryKarma roadmap already includes future support for VMware products.