Release: Veeam Backup 1.0

After getting popularity with a series of useful tools for ESX Server administrators, the US/russian startup Veeam seems ready for prime time and launches Veeam Backup.

The new product performs both (incremental) backups and replication for VMware Infrastructure 3.5 virtual machines, allowing file-level restore. Additionally, it supports VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB).

The interface of Veeam Backup has been merged into a popular free utility that Veeam offers since early days: FastSCP. So customers can download the free tool and unlock the backup features inside it just inserting a license file.

Get a trial here.

With this release Veeam basically declares war to Vizioncore, which has been one of the very few players in town since a while to offer disaster recovery solutions for the VMware platform.

The Virtualization Industry Roadmap has been updated accordingly.