Sun releases xVM Ops Center 1.0

Sun just released the first version of its new management solution called Ops Center (despite customers don’t seem able to download it right now).

While this first edition is not virtualization-aware, the next one expected for Q2 2008, will be able to extend its current capabilities to the upcoming Sun hypervisor xVM Server.

That version will include a notable list of features like:

  • Full virtual guest lifecycle management
  • Management of the domain 0 instance
  • Monitoring, management and provisioning of Windows, Linux and Solaris guests
  • Migration capabilities (Live, Regular and Cold)
  • Simple single host management through direct browser access, as well as large scale multi-node management via xVM Ops Center
  • Expansive resource monitoring and analysis
  • Guest image storage library management
  • Virtual and resource pooling
  • Network virtualization and bandwidth management

At the moment there are no prices are available for the three editions: Starter, Standard and Enterprise.

More details about the Sun virtualization strategy are available in this exclusive Q&A with Steve Wilson, VicePresident of xVM.