revamps the Virtualization Industry Radar

One of the most popular resources is the Virtualization Industry Radar.

It lists all the companies that we track on daily basis. They are focused on application/OS/hardware virtualization markets, they can offer hypervisors, VDI connection brokers, P2V migration tools, etc.

The Radar includes well-known players and startups (even some still in stealth mode) but it includes only those companies carefully screened so to grant a relevant and reliable list of players. In other words we don’t include each company on the market that claims to be a virtualization vendor.

So if you don’t see a vendor you know listed on the Radar this means that either it’s not screened yet or that it doesn’t relate to the application/OS/hardware virtualization market in our opinion.

The Virtualization Industry Radar is a unique (and free) tool in the virtualization world, and it’s so popular that it was the 7th most seen post in the entire 2007.

Today the Radar gets better: we included a summary to quickly locate a specific vendor, a detail of when a company was acquired, and most of all we included a category definition which describes which market segment a virtualization company is working on.

We selected a list of categories which were meaningful and, where possible, recognized by most vendors:

  • Platform (which includes vendors providing hypervisors and hosted virtualization platforms)
  • Platform Management (which includes vendors providing cross-platform virtualization management consoles)
  • P2V/V2V Migration
  • Reporting
  • Disaster Recover (which includes vendors providing HA and backup solutions at host OS level)
  • Connection Broker (which includes also those vendors offering a management interface for VDI)
  • Virtual Lab Automation
  • VM Lifecycle Management
  • Chargeback
  • Optimization

The category definition is a complex attribute to assign since many companies are busy on different markets (think about VMware or Veeam). Instead of listing all categories for each vendor, we decided to pick the category where a vendor is most known. This may be an arguable decision and it may be subject to changes, so at the moment it should be considered experimental.

At we hope this revamped version will be even more useful than the previous one. Enjoy it.