Waiting for VMworld Europe 2008 – Part 4

Besides founders keynotes and new products announcements, the first edition of VMworld Europe will feature a special facility called the Genius Bar.

Mimicking Apple retail stores, VMware will arrange a long desk and will pack it with company engineers and product managers, skilled on different topics. Several hanging monitors will advertise each expertise available, and attendees will just have to go and ask.

virtualization.info will be in Cannes to cover the event, and maybe will be able to discover something new from these guys.

Anyway we’ll provide live coverage of the keynotes and all the VMware announcements. Check previous coverage of TSX 2007 in Nice (part 1 and part 2) and VMworld 2007 in San Francisco.

At the event US product managers will be at the Genius Bar as well as on the stage, performing the sessions.

virtualization.info already published the introductory videos of Carter Shanklin, Product Manager for End-User Enablement, Ashwin Kotian, Product Manager of Physical Virtualization and Bing Tsai, Staff Engineer.

This Friday virtualization.info welcomes Kit Colbert:

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Register for VMworld Europe 2008 here.