Waiting for VMworld Europe 2008 – Part 3

As unveiled by virtualization.info at the beginning of this week, VMware will disclose at least two new products at VMworld Europe 2008: Lifecycle Management and Stage Manager.

Additionally VMware will show another two new products previewed at VMworld US last year but still unavailable, Site Recover Manager (SRM) and VMware Operational Framework (VOF).

A further confirmation comes from some of the first sessions published in the agenda:

  • BC01 – VMware Site Recovery Manager
    Learn about VMware’s coming DR automation product, Site Recovery Manager, and how it can lower RTO, improve reliablity, and lower costs by instrumenting the setup, failover and test of your VI-wide DR plan.
  • RW04 – VMware, ITIL Service Management and all that
    Many customers have adopted Service Management processes around ITIL to better manage their provision of IT Services. As virtualization matures within the Data Centre, these practices need to be provided on the virtual platforms. Principal areas include Availability, Capacity, Incident, Problem, Configuration and Change Management. Richard will discuss how these processes affect virtualized servers, and how the many ISV players provide solutions to manage them. He will also discuss VMware’s application of ITIL and other processes in the VMware Operational Framework (VOF), and discuss how customers have improved and accelerated their VMware roll-out having adopted best practice.

virtualization.info will be in Cannes to cover the event, live blogging during the keynotes and reporting about these new products (check previous coverage of TSX 2007 in Nice and VMworld 2007 in San Francisco).

At the event several US product managers will perform the sessions. virtualization.info already published the videos of Carter Shanklin, Product Manager for End-User Enablement and Ashwin Kotian, Product Manager of Physical Virtualization. This week instead our guest is Bing Tsai:

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