VMware VirtualCenter will plug-in storage management solutions

Quoting from Enterprise Storage Forum:

Centralized management of the entire data center is certainly something that VMware wants to make possible, according to Lionel Cavalliere, senior product marketing at VMware. “One of the goals of VMware is optimizing the management of storage in a virtualized environment,” he said.

But he categorically rules out the possibility of VMware moving into the storage space to create a total virtual environment. “We certainly want to give Virtual Center vision of storage so it can manage storage resources, but there will be no integration into a single product,” he said. “What we intend to do is this: rather than being integrated, we will provide SDKs to enable our VI3 (Virtual Infrastructure 3) to report on storage. We will allow (storage) management tools to plug in.”

Cavalliere said a complete management solution using plug-in storage management tools may be the long-term goal of VMware’s strategy, but it is still a long way off. “Clearly VMware will have a big impact on storage practices, but we are only really just starting to speak about it,” he said…

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