CIO survey reveals disaster recovery is the second reason for virtualizing servers published an interesting survey conducted among nearly 300 CIOs, which reveals some interesting data.

For example while virtualization is still mainly used for servers (85%), there’s an impressive number of companies using it for disaster recovery (63%).

Another interesting finding is that workloads management is the top issue (64%): recognizes this (under the name of Capacity Planning) as the third biggest challenge in virtualization adoption today.

The survey also exposes the limited acceptance of desktop virtualization, which several companies don’t plan to adopt at all (37%), despite most of them are looking for reducing administration and support cost (62%). Maybe vendors should recosider the way they propose the technology.

Last valuable information is that companies are mostly looking for develop in-house virtualization experts (73%), rather than hiring consultant firms. It’s yet to be demonstrated if these companies recognize that a virtualization professional deserves special training and higher salary.

Unfortunately didn’t publish some critical informations about the survey to understand if it applies to US or EMEA market, or to SMB or Enteprise one. found out some details:

  • The survey was conducted from September to November 2007
  • 281 magazine’s readers answered
  • 30% of them work in a company with less than $100 Million annual revenue
  • 24% of them work in a company with an annual revenue between $101 and $999 Million
  • 34% of them work in a company with more than $1 Billion annual revenue