Release: VMware Infrastructure 3.5

Under the name of VMware Infrastructure 3.5 (formerly 3.1), ESX Server 3.5 (build 64607), VirtualCenter 2.5 (build 64201), Converter 4.0 (build 62386) and Consolidated Backup 1.1 (build 64559) appear finally available.

What initially was expected to be a minor update, brought a remarkable amount of major improvements for both products, as revealed in August:

VMware Infrastructure 3.5 also introduces new editions and prices, as VMware announced in October:

VI 3.5 is available for download at the following location: ESX Server 3.5 / VirtualCenter 2.5 & Converter 4.0 / Consolidated Backup 1.1.

The Virtualization Industry Roadmap has been updated accordingly.